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Storytelling Car Company Takes on Giants

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Silvercar was launched in 2012 by a couple of entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity in the car rental business, where price had become the only point of competition. With a fleet composed solely of tech-loaded silver Audi A4s, smart phone enabled rentals and simple pricing, their app is being downloaded a thousand times a day and they are already in five out of the six biggest U.S. airports. How did they do it?  As Inc. magazine points out, “At its core, Silvercar allows customers to tell a more attractive story about themselves than their...

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What Alzheimer’s Has Taught Me

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Healthy but with her memory ransacked by late stage Alzheimer’s, my mother recently celebrated her 96th birthday. I was born on her birthday, and when I showed up on our shared birthday with cake and presents, she told me that I looked vaguely familiar but she couldn’t quite place me.  She asked for my name. When I told her, she shook her head and said, “No, I don’t know anybody by that name, sorry.”  At this stage, I’m more bemused by the irony of that response coming from the person who actually named me and relieved that she is, overall,...

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The Most Important Question to Ask a Customer

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We’re often asked to put together marketing plans.  It’s not a difficult task.  Goals and objectives, strategies and tactics.  Calculate the desired specific, measurable results and apply a budget, link it all to a time line and ensure sales and operational support to back it.  That’s in extremely broad strokes and there is considerable detail behind each activity. But there’s always one question we always ask and most companies can’t answer it:  Why do your best customers buy from your company? If you don’t know that, the marketing plan may...

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Give and Take. And Comedy.

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Comedians talk about how much they enjoy “getting laughs”.  While we all appreciate the opportunity to laugh, and we could even say that it’s a gift, this short video from comedian Michael Jr. is the first time I’d ever heard a comedian talk about comedy as truly being a gift. Early in his career, he shifted from wanting to get laughs from people to wanting to give the audience an opportunity to laugh.  “Now I’m not looking to take,” Michael says, “I’m looking for an opportunity to give.” When we think about our customers as being on a...

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Why this dancing guy is my hero

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You’ve probably seen the video of the agile – some would say, surprisingly agile – and largish Russian man, breaking out some amazing dance moves in his black Speedo. He appears to be having a great time and to be totally at ease. It seems to me that he doesn’t care what anyone may think – he’s just being himself. I love this video.  It reminded me of an essay, “Unreal World”, by writer and actor Andrew McCarthy. In it, he mused about Hollywood stars’, the nature of attraction and why people decide to have plastic surgery. ...

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Is brevity the soul of wit?

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“Brevity is the soul of wit” and clarity is the heart and soul of marketing and sales messages. But I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s so easy to fall into the trap of corporate-speak, which is the opposite of brevity. Or wit. Confused people don’t buy, or donate to your cause or actually hear your message at all. And corporate speak; while it’s tempting (because it makes you sound so darned smart!) can be oh so confusing. So before you use “monetize our assets”, “brand trajectory” or “synergy” again, take a look at this new video from...

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