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Posts made in January, 2018

Archetypes sometimes wear fur coats.

By on Jan 5, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I gave a storytelling workshop recently and used my storytelling Archetype playing cards.  Each archetype is represented with an image and some information about the archetype.  At this workshop, we were talking about how to figure out the archetype a donor embodies so that you can more deeply understand their motivations for donating to your organization.  Your organization’s archetype does not always match that of your donors. After the workshop, one of the participants pointed out that the images on the cards — which are all people — could be misinterpreted or, at worst, be emotionally charged.  A choice of a young white male as Regular Guy/Gal could give the wrong message. Does it mean that an elderly Latina or an Asian teen couldn’t be a Regular Guy/Gal?  It was a good point.  Do you agree? Haven’t figured out how to incorporate images with the next version of the cards, but in the meantime, I ran across this blog post about pets as archetypes.  Here’s the link.

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