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About Us

We’ve worked with high tech B2B companies internationally  with marketing, branding and sales for more than 30 years.  Along the way, we discovered that companies that understand and use their business personality easily soared past their competition. And the companies that really understood their customers’ stories…they had even better results.

Business storytelling is popular right now in marketing circles.  Promoted as the best way to reach customers, get attention and do advertising, it’s the latest way to push out your message.

The secret is that customers don’t really care about your story. They, like all of us, only care about their own story.  In telling your story, you might hit upon something that interests them.  But why leave that to chance?

Wouldn’t it be easier to uncover their story?  To know what moves them, how they see themselves and why they make decisions.  There are 22 reasons why people buy anything (or donate to a cause). Do you know which ones motivate your customers’ decisions?

Think about it.  We describe companies like we do people. We say they friendly, smart, formal, old-fashioned, funny, hip, philosophical, eco-friendly and more. Those are personality traits.  We like to work with people — and businesses — we like, and we like them because we understand their values.  We can rely on how they will behave. Each of us and every business has a story and that story creates unbreakable bonds with customers. Every customer has their own story, too, which binds them to you or pushes them away.

If you’re struggling with branding, unable to sell with ease and confidence or you are a non-profit that is unsure how to connect with donors (or persuade your board to do fundraising), we can help. People buy when there is an emotional connection. That comes when you understand your business personality and, more importantly, you understand your customer’s story.

Best of all, your business personality already exists and your customers’ stories are easy to reveal!

We have the know-how and experience to help you reveal your unique business personality and that of your ideal customers (we can show you how to reach more of them!) to create powerful branding and improve sales. We have unlocked the secrets, using the twelve archetypes we are all familiar with from stories we love – Warrior, Jester, Lover, Adventurer, Sage, Magician, Regular Guy/Gal, Ruler, Innocent, Outlaw and Creator – to fast-track your marketing choices and create long-lasting, successful connections with customers.

Sound like fun? It is. And best of all, you’ll see results. Let’s get started!


Elaine Walsh is the president of All About the Story.  We use storytelling as a way to better understand your customers.  The clarity, impact and measurable results of storytelling and your business personality leads to better results in marketing, branding, sales and fundraising. Her experience in high tech sales management, as an international publisher, marketing consultant and non-profit board member is steeped in a profound and proven understanding of how brands connect with customers. Using quick and easily used tools we’ve used to work with leading manufacturers, software designers, authors and non-profits, we can help you to create powerful messages and increase sales.