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Stories for Fundraising

If persuading board members and other stakeholders to ask for money is difficult, our workshops and fun, interactive exercises make it easy. Learn simple ways to use archetypes to create emotional connections between your non-profit’s story and your potential donors.

Stories for Sales Training

The closest distance between two people is a story. Learn how to use storytelling to forge dynamic and memorable connections with customers in new and exciting ways that lead to sales. (Think you hate sales? We can change your mind!)

Stories for Marketing

Iconic brands rely on storytelling. It’s the secret behind every successful marketing campaign. We’ll show you how to uncover your company’s unique story. Then we’ll tap into the emotional connections that change minds and spark action.

What is so important about telling Your Story? Learn more!

Storytelling brings clarity. Storytelling creates unbreakable connections. Your company’s story is already out there in the world, told by your employees, your customers and your prospects. Let’s make sure it works for you.

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All About the Story